About Me

Every amatuer photographer eventually gets told by a friend or family member one of the following; ‘That’s a great photo’, ‘Where can I see more?’, ‘Where did you take it?’ and of course ‘You should sell that photo’. This website was born out of hearing that sort of feedback, it’s a place where I can show my photo’s, share where I’ve been and see if anyone wants to have one of my photos for themselves.

I live in Hampshire and work in London, giving me the countryside and the City close by. I love to explore this wonderful island called Great Britain with my wife Louise, usually in our 30 year old VW Campervan ‘Bellamy’. I’m not fussy on my camera choice, Panasonic Micro 4/3rds, Compact or iPhone, at least one of them is with me wherever I go.

To me photography is mediative, it can be exhausting, an excuse to feel the rain on my face or sun on my back. But most of all it’s just fun trying to capture something pleasing for myself.